Multi Room Audio Visual & Hi-Fi

Wall mounted TV

Imagine having a party at your home, and being able to play high fidelity music in any room you choose, and even outside in the barbeque area!

Then just getting out your smart phone to change the song, or maybe turn it down in an area so guests there can have a conversation at normal levels, or maybe turn it up in another area so people can dance!

And what if the kids are getting rowdy? The best way to calm them down may be to let them watch a movie they love in the TV room, where the glorious 7.1 sound will keep them fully absorbed in the movie while you entertain your guests…

Now imagine the big game comes on TV, wouldn’t it be amazing if you could just swing your big family room TV out so you can watch the game from the barbeque area, and with just your phone, turn it on to the big game, and have the sound come on the outdoor speakers!

Well you can! You can do all this and more with a multi zone audio system from Vibe Home Entertainment.

Functions & Events

Conference  hall with red chairs and colored illumination

Function centres require high performance and particularly robust, reliable audio visual equipment. Function centres often (but not always) have simple systems, but because they are used by untrained clientele, they must be absolutely bulletproof, and absolutely simple to use.

Function centres typically use high power PA systems, mixing desks, microphones, projectors and wall mounted TV’s.

Often we protect the equipment in a lockable server rack and use protected speakers. We can install, update, repair and maintain this kind of system on any scale, from single room establishments right up to massive halls and multiple function rooms.

Board Rooms & Corporate


At Vibe Home Entertainment, we have had a lot of experience with commercial installations such as board rooms, meeting rooms, break out rooms and other corporate Audio Visual applications.

We can install video conferencing systems, presentation systems (smart boards, interactive white boards, projectors, mounted TV’s and more), digital signage, and multi zone audio systems.

In board rooms especially, Audio Visual equipment must be of a very high standard, because a high quality installation can facilitate high quality collaboration, which in turn can achieve improved outcomes for a business.

Education & Training

view to projector screen in wooden conference room

One of the most important applications for Audio Visual equipment is education. We have installed Audio visual equipment in many education and training applications, such as class rooms and training rooms, as well as halls and laboratories.

The primary role of audio visual equipment in an education setting is to facilitate learning, and we know how to get the most out of your audio visual equipment!

Some equipment we regularly install in an education application is; interactive whiteboards, projectors, audio and public address systems, mixing desks, microphones and more.



Churches require specialized Audio Visual equipment.

Often special projectors are used for public display in bright applications, and wall mounted monitors are used for displaying information, but in addition to this, churches need systems like hearing aid loops, and specialised audio and public address systems with mixing capabilities.

We design and install all these systems, in addition to other systems that are often used in places of worship, such as data networking and closed circuit television (CCTV).

Clubs & Community Organisations


Clubs, Function centres and other community organisations require Audio Visual systems that are robust, reliable and powerful. We have installed many systems in this type of application.

Clubs and function centres especially may require multiple types of installation, such as presentation systems for functions, digital signage for public information and advertising, mixing and pro DJ equipment for special events and dancing, and multi zone audio for, well, everywhere.

As clubs have some of the most complex Audio Visual systems, they also require advanced fault finding and repair at short notice, and most importantly, preventative maintenance to minimise the chance of anything going wrong at the worst possible time, such as before an important event.

Retail Audio Visual


In retail applications Audio Visual requirements are mostly for digital advertising, signage, paging and background music.

These systems often require wall mounted TV’s or monitors, sometimes in grids or matrixes, and sometimes projectors in unusual configurations, such as projecting onto the floor. Often these systems will use TV matrix switchers, and network controlled media players.

We can update, maintain and repair any existing systems, or install any of these systems to improve your retail sales and improve your customer experience. Just ask us how!

Closed Circuit Television (CCTV)

Security CCTV dome pan tilt zoom camera on wall mount

Many domestic and commercial applications require closed circuit television (CCTV) and surveillance systems, such as homes, schools and educational institutions, retail stores and especially clubs criminals are often at work.

We are able to install high resolution digital or analogue cameras and recorders, and we know how to locate them to best protect your premises.

Data Networking

network cables connected to switch - closeup of data center hardware

Most applications where Audio Visual systems are installed also require an extensive data network. So it’s a good thing we do that too!

Additionally, we can help set up your home or business network for other requirements such as computer networking, network attached storage and internet access if you so choose.

Antennas, Satellite and Cable

Satellite dish and TV antennas on the house roof with a beautiful blue sky

Because most people who have a TV or a projector like to actually watch TV (free to air or cable or satellite), we also install or update your systems to suit your new equipment, or even update or repair your existing system.