Multi Room Audio Visual & Hi-Fi

Imagine having a party at your home, and being able to play high fidelity music in any room you choose, and even outside in the barbeque area!

Then just getting out your smart phone to change the song, or maybe turn it down in an area so guests there can have a conversation at normal levels, or maybe turn it up in another area so people can dance!

And what if the kids are getting rowdy? The best way to calm them down may be to let them watch a movie they love in the TV room, where the glorious 7.1 sound will keep them fully absorbed in the movie while you entertain your guests…

Now imagine the big game comes on TV, wouldn’t it be amazing if you could just swing your big family room TV out so you can watch the game from the barbeque area, and with just your phone, turn it on to the big game, and have the sound come on the outdoor speakers!

Well you can! You can do all this and more with a multi zone audio system from Vibe Home Entertainment.